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AB Marketing

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AldoBalto is a Verified marketing partner and incubator of Pinksale launchpad and Certik KYCed referent.
Thanks to his experience in the world of marketing and economic-financial studies, AldoBalto founded AB Marketing to provide services and assistance 365 days a year to guide your project to success.

How do we work?

Your project will be followed by specific targets set out by the AB marketing team to ensure the best marketing package and outcome:
an experienced team will take care of everything, from the pre-sale phase to the launch of the project and beyond, guaranteeing the achievement of the required objectives. After careful review, AB Marketing provides an elaborate marketing plan for clients, through market competitive pricing, resources and connections, offering a variety of options and budget categories, giving everyone the chance to achieve success.
The AB marketing team can boast great experience and knowledge in the blockchain world and in traditional marketing in general, incubating the project with real assistance and suggestions on project management and growth.

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